How can I check on my application's status?

You can now check your application's status online! Click here!

My application is missing and/or all my pictures are gone, what gives?

On May 5th 2009 we experienced a major data loss event that caused all of our user-uploaded modeling images to be erased, and applications made between October 27th 2008 and May 5th 2009 have been lost. Please apply again.

Is this gay? I'm not gay!

Absolutely not! In fact most guys in the adult industry are as straight as an arrow. When we interview you, we will determine your level of comfort. We will not ask anyone to do anything they refuse to do. We work with men in all walks of life and will do our best to accommodate you.

I'm not hot enough, though!

That's not a question! But seriously, don't think you won't fit what we are looking for. We are always looking for a new look and even if we don't have a job for you immediately, we might in the future. Attractiveness is relative and more than half of the guys we work with don't believe they are really "hot enough." Remember, we are all just a bit self-conscious. Apply if your interested, and we will do our best to find your place.

What if I don't have a digital picture, can I apply?

We cannot process applications without a digital photo, so you will need to obtain one. If you have pictures that you can to scan into a computer, click here for a Kodak Picture Maker Kiosk near you. Be creative! You might have a friend with a camera-enabled cellular phone, or next time you develop pictures, ask to have them scanned onto a cd too! Once you have your digital pictures you can apply online, or email them to us.

How much will I make?

How much you make will vary. How much do you want to work? How flexible are you and how nervous are you in front of a camera? This is something we determine in our application process. You have no obligation at any time to continue working, and we will discuss pay in our interviewing process. Models are paid on a per job basis, and on the same day, with a check.

I don't live in Arizona, can I still apply?

Yes. Our models come from the United States. We do not limit ourselves to models in Arizona, but we cannot accept applications outside of the continential united states. We have several model recruiters based in others states in the US. We will be in contact with you to arrange the details of your application process, and will conduct the initial interview via e-mail, a telephone conference, or instant messaging. If you live outside the United States, please make a note of it in your application, including city and country of origin.

How long does an interview take?

As long as it needs to take. Usually we have everything worked out in an hour or less.

What is the interview?

An interview is usually pretty quick and painless. We discuss your interests, and answer your questions directly. This is where you get to know us as an organization and we meet you as a person. It's the first step to get a job, and helps us place you at your level of experience.

How long do modeling sessions take?

From one to four hours, depending on the factors of the specific shoot. You will be notified of the plans for a shoot before it is scheduled. It usually depends on the models, but we will give you our best estimate before we schedule you.

My time is limited, can I work nights or weekends?

We are flexible. We coordinate with your plans, with available locations, and find a time that works for everyone. Obviously, if you are not local to Phoenix, AZ your time commitment will differ.

Where do you normally shoot?

We shoot in the Phoenix Metro Area, we have a studio as well as several alternative spots for "on-location" shooting. Part of our job is to change the backdrop our models are placed in. This means we don't know the location of a shoot before it is scheduled. If you are interested in providing a location, give us a call.

Can I apply to work on the production end at

Absolutely! Adult Media Production has a type of glamor that draws a lot of interest and we are always looking for talented, open-minded, energetic and outgoing people. If you have skills in video editing, video prodution, photography, or web design feel free to email us a resume. Full time, part time, and commission-based modeling recrutment positions open and close regularly.

Do you guys wear oversized progressive-tint sunglasses, smoke from pipes, and wear velvet leisure suits?

Sometimes. Ok -- No, we don't. The stereotypes associated with our industry are beloved by Hollywood but in actuality we look just like anyone at almost any other office. (Usually!)